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Evil Dead 4!? (The Sam Raimi ComicCon Interview)

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Is Ash coming back after all these years?

Is Ash coming back after all these years?

Back on July 28th, the great Sam Raimi was interviewed during the San Diego ComicCon whilst promoting his new horror film Drag Me to Hell starring Alison Lohman, and offered up some interesting tidbits on the possibility of resurrecting Ash in a new installment of his Evil Dead series. The last outing was in 1992. It’s been a long time, Sam. A very long time. Groovy.

*NOTE: Bruce Campbell also confirmed in an August interview that he and Raimi were in talks, however nothing has been confirmed as of yet. He went on to explain that if their respective schedules allowed it, that he would love to; on one condition…only Sam is at the helm. Obviously.