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Cocaine, Ninjas, and Y.K. Kim: Celebrating 25 Years of “Miami Connection”

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Okay, so it’s been nearly four years since the blog’s been updated, to wit, I’ve been busy since my twins were born shortly after my last post. But I’m back. Anyhow, World of Matmos is back online, and this first post is about a film that was literally near (but not-so-dear) to me, as it was shot in my backyard–Orlando, Florida. In the mid-1980s, Tae Kwon Do Grandmaster Y.K. Kim was all over the television, and as a kid I remember seeing him around town. A local celebrity. Plus, like many kids my age back then (circa Karate Kid I & II) I was into martial arts, so Y.K. Kim was kind of a badass.

Miami Connection was released in 1987, playing the local drive-in circuit (and according to IMDB was released in West Germany during its initial run) before being relegated to home video, where it eventually gained cult movie status among B-movie genre geeks like yours truly and has earned its place as golden VHS fodder over the years.

The plot revolves around a band of ass-kicking musical martial artists called Dragon Sound (with their authentic mustached-and-mulleted eighties rock track “Against the Ninja”) as they try to thwart a group of coke-smuggling ninjas running the yeyo out of Miami. What ensues is 90 minutes of absolute badassery with some of the best action scenes this side of a Golan-Globus production. If you can get past some of the inane dialogue and characters, you’ll get to witness Y.K. Kim dole out beatings to packs of wild coke thugs, showcasing his awesome Tae Kwon Do skills (and not-so-awesome writing/directing skills). Overall, this movie is a blast to watch and I for one am glad to see that it will be getting a proper theatrical release this November in Chicago.

A new trailer surfaced a couple of weeks ago from Jason Eisener, the fine young film cannibal behind the very fun and twisted hit (and one of my favorite films of the last few years) Hobo With a Shotgun. The man gets the vibe of these 80s action movies and he cuts the shit out of this trailer.

Behold Miami Connection:

-Matmos the Terrible


“Half-Blood Prince” International Teaser Online

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Over the weekend, TrailerAddict added a new International Teaser for the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince for all of us Muggles to swoon over. The sixth in the epic series of books (and films) brings Harry ever closer to the climax of his destiny as the “chosen one”.  The film opens on July 17, 2009.

Friday the 13th Remake Trailer Online

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With regard to remakes, reboots, adaptations, and other potential franchise fare being produced these days, and despite the apprehension that some may have when it comes to these projects, some pop-culture icons that are slated for a new generation are shaping up to provide these stories and characters with new life.

As with his 2003 remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, director Marcus Nispel has chosen to take on master slasher Jason Voorhees in a new version of Friday the 13th. Slated for the titular release date in February 2009, Nispel takes the Camp Crystal Lake mythology and updates it to spine-chilling effect. The new trailer has surfaced online, and it looks to be another great blood-soaked, sex-laden romp that looks to pay a sleek  homage to Sean S. Cunningham’s original horror-fest. Check it out below: